Welcome to My Official Website
My Name is Kunal and i am a developer from Nagpur

I love android development, web designing and tweaking code to see what happens.
I am currently pursuing Enginnering in the field of computer science.

Developer of BlackBox
Kernel Series

Proud Developer of one of the top trending custom kernels of devices like Android One Series across all the generations of devices.

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Content Creator / Partner
at Youtube

My Youtube channel contains videos about tutorials on coding frameworks, bug fixes and even things that I do for fun.

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Lead Developer at Rainbow
Dimensions Startup

RD's first Phase is focused on getting Projects for Web Development, followed by support services and then Application Development. I am the Developers Lead at RD Services.

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Want to look at my Work?

Head over to XDA to look at my work on the Android Frontier or Github for all my contributions and activities.